Derek DeYoung


Promotional Micro-site Made to Sell, Not Distract

We approached Derek for a passion project, free of charge. We’re deep fans of his work across the fly fishing industry. We wanted to give the studio a place to promote away from the site to decrease user distractions. The page focus was on products.

We wanted to incorperate motion into the pages. Whether through animations, videos, paralaxes or video — we combined all those elements and more.

This is a micro-site that any business owner would find easy to manage, effective for getting customers focused on products that need to get off the shelves. With announcement and promotional banners, we can highlight deals, promo codes and specials.

Timers, an effective use of urgency, are the center point of the page.

As this page turns over from sale to sale, it will present a static front page. This is so customers can continue to check in, in one spot and know when the next deal is. A lead capture form box will “Let them know when the next deal is.”

We wanted effective and useful, that was created for Derek DeYoung Studios!


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