Results that made a difference.

Batch’s Reply.IO Cold Prospecting Results:

• 90% Delivery Rate

• 77% Open Rate

• 21% Cold Reply Rate — 60 Responses to follow up on

Cold prospecting email automation campaign sent to 317 contacts on a curated list of businesses they wanted to talk to. With our solutions, we averaged a 90% delivery rate, 77.5% open rate and a 21.6% reply rate, which converted into 60 direct responses.

We build conversion rate optimized (CRO) marketing and sales assets that help build trust, generate leads, and make sales.

Our conversion rate optimized   marketing and sales assets  are built so you have everything you need to generate a lead, convert a sale and nurture customers; including a-la-carte projects like landing pages, email marketing automation, offer development graphic design, CRO website design, copywriting, technical integration, and instant deliverables, like e-books.

Our job is to make sure users are treated right: from start to conversion.

“Gavin was extremely helpful in helping us navigate through new-to-us territory of email automation. Always available, regardless of the time of day, and eager to see that deadlines were met. Very pleasant to work with.”Anne-Marie, Batch, Cold Email Prospecting

When we do our job right, your business profits in return:

Batch: 60+ Responses / 21% Response Rate

Batch: 90%+ Delivery Rate

Batch: 77% Open Rate

If we do our job right, every asset you use will help monetize your customers.

Quit wasting time building and using marketing and sales assets that don’t bring you a return.

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