We're online a lot.

Even to us that sounds like bleh. But, it's our business and we do it well. Though in turn, we've also got really close to the wild -- a place where "online" is a trout fighting an angler or a climber repelling down a rock face.
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Wait, why the wild?

Our founder, Gavin, started RōSYNTHORN because he knew there was a better way to work outside an office and be happy. For him, the outdoors was an escape to recharge his batteries. Along the way, Gavin found so many others just like him: powerhouse players online and enthusiastic outdoors men and women!

Now, our office is no where and every where at the same time because we have no office; most of us on the team are digital nomads that left the office to have a more fulfilling life-balance. Oh, and this is important… most of us are outdoor guides adventure, too. You know, the kind you see on brochures when you visit a lake lodge or interstate rest stop? Yeah, that’s us!

(When we shake your hand there may be some fish slime or chalk waiting for your grip! Oops!)

We’re outdoors men and women that cover fly fishing the valley’s streams to rock climbing the mountain’s peaks. We’re the people some refer to as trout bums, rock jumpers and adventure junkies while others call us online wizards.

So to make a long story short, the wild is just as important to us as online is. We use both to create a connected balance that works for us, so we can work better for you.

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