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A way to decrease user distractions for a better lead to sale synergy.

The below micro-site design and marketing funnel strategy are great for businesses looking to:

  • Decrease distractions, letting the customer or user focus on the CTA
  • Capturing emails and important lead information
  • A/B testing against their primary domain landing pages
  • Offering a completely unique experience for every, or large campaigns
  • Placing cookies on unique audiences for smarter retargeting

Responsive Micro-Site Made To Focus Users, Not Distract Them

We approached Derek for a passion project, free of charge. We’re deep fans of his work across the fly fishing industry and his grassroots effort. From that, the studio needed a place to boost sales by highlighting products or provide a unique experience for marketing campaigns. At the same time, capturing leads and vital data that was not currently available to the studio.


We’re able to create completely unique journeys down to every micro-interaction. We build mobile-out instead of desktop-out. As users move from device to device, we’re completely responsive, video and all.

Built with:


Besides video being the No. 1 way to sell things these days, incorporating motion into the pages, a contrast to the 2-D nature of Derek’s art, was important. Whether that came through animations, videos, or parallax backgrounds — we combined all those elements for a high-impact experience.

*B-roll video provided to us. Video services and content creation can be provided! Just ask!

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