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After a user opts-in from your landing page, these are the 2 Emails You Have To Send First (and when to send them).

We know that they’re active then and there directly after optin.

They’re also most engaged with your content. So… what should you be doing?

Before we get into what you need to do, let’s set-up why we’re doing it:

One of the biggest things we urge is getting users conditioned to getting to their email when we tell them to and open our emails. We do this by breaking up the deliverable into two pieces: one piece is instantly accessible on the page, the other is only available in the automated email sitting in their inbox.

Now, they incentivized to get to their inbox.

We want to capitalize on that user’s engagement with our content.

Okay, we know how to get them to the inbox, so what should we be doing while they’re in there?

The user almost always opens Email 1, the ‘delivery email’ and download what they were promised from the landing page. As they are checking for that instant deliverable email, we need to capitalize on their activity. That means to get another email in front of them, and quickly.

We automate Email 2 in the email drip to come 5-15 minutes after the first because we have a unique opportunity to catch them while they’re online.

By setting up your email drip campaigns to deliver the first two emails within 5-15 minutes of each other, now, we’re able to give them what they want and get that valuable opportunity to nurture them further.

This second email is always a friendly welcome email that gives the user an opportunity to know more about the business and become saturated with the brand’s mission. It’s a very critical email to not oversell; it’s meant to build trust and trust only.

Think about it this way:

We gave them something of value — hassle free and with no sales hooks. We don’t want to crush that trust by selling to them and turning them off of us. Instead, we capitalize on their warm feelings towards us and introduce ourselves in a friendly manner.

Usually, under that welcome message in Email 2, we stack another free gift which builds that trust even more.

This is our two-email trust building cadence and we use it every time for cold traffic.

Use it! Let us know your results on our Facebook page!


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