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A visual blueprint to strategizing your first marketing funnel is important.

How many times have you already Google searched “how to make a marketing funnel?”

Enough times that we know the resource below is important.

With this resource you’ll be able to:

√ Have a high-level understanding of the pages and emails needed to completed a Cold and Warm upsell funnel

√ Understand how to dump cold leads into warm funnels

Know the most important emails for the beginning and end of emails sequences

If you think about marketing funnels, it’s easier to think of them as sidewalks and to consider your website your home. The funnels we’re building, which include pages and automated emails, are the different directions a person can take to discover a business, buy from a business and keep loyal to a business. Staying with the sidewalk analogy — they’re the different sidewalks a person can take to get to your house.

In all, we’re trying to answer one valuable question: How can we get people to come to our house more effectively, without so many turns? In sales language: How can we make more sales? In lead generation land: How can we get more emails on our lists? In ideal funnel models it’s both.

Below, use this map to understand the pages you need––at minimum–and the email cadence you should have automatically sending for you in response to a form submission.

A Visual Blueprint To Strategizing Your First Marketing Funnels:



This is your visual blueprint for strategizing your first marketing funnels, but what software do you use to get the job done, pages built and emails automated?

You have the blueprint, now get answers to what software should you be using to build

Introduce your project using our discovery form and in return, you’ll be sent a software review for the tools you need to complete your marketing funnel goals!

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